Load Shedding and Load Shaving

Hybrid Grid is a new start-up in the Energy Space. However, our team of engineers and technicians have over 100 years of combined experience in Stationary Power, Measurement and Verification, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Test and Measurement Systems.

We have worked for and on equipment and systems by companies such as Emerson, Liebert, Controlled Power, and other well know UPS and UL 924 Emergency Lighting Systems, Geotest-MTS, National Instruments, Signametrics-Agilent, Fluke, and many others.

We do custom control panels, system integration, electricity bill analysis and energy audits for residential and commercial buildings and facilities.

Sales and Service of Stationary, Stored Electrical Power (SEPS)
We provide Preventative Maintenance and Field Services for UPS and Emergency Lighting (Battery Lights)
We offer kits and systems to extend the run-time and provide automatic demand reduction (A-DR) capability.
UPS for machine tools, industrial process controls, and other special interface requirements.
Maintenance Agreements, Service Contracts and Replacement AGM and Gel Batteries for most UPS and Emergency Lighting Systems.
Call us for your battery replacement needs!
Measurement and Verification of Energy Systems for Homes, Commercial and Industrial Facilities.
We analyze utility bills, provide in-depth analysis and forecasting that reduces and eliminates demand charges.
Test Systems for Micro-Grid and Micro-Storage including Lead-Acid (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) and Lithium Battery, Battery Management Systems, Grid-Tied, Stand-Alone (Island).
Our systems use the Industry-Standard National Instruments hardware and software including LabView.
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