DC Micro-Grids - Logical Next Step

DC is the logical next step in the future of electrical power.
Take the High Rail for Renewables. 380VDC is the logical next step in the future of renewable energy harvesting as well as local energy storage. Products from eIQ networks provide the ability to "step up" to the high rail that power conversion technology requires to work as efficiently as possible.
While we have the existing AC power distribution with in the buildings and yards, it's hard not to notice the "wall warts" dotting the walls. This has really bugged me for years - but with the adoption of USB for computers and their accessories, and 24 VDC power for decorative and architectural lighting and controls, we could simply have a 24 VDC power supply at the service or "breaker panel" (unless your house is really old, like mine, and you still have fuses and tube-and-post wiring...with it's lovely crumbly fabric insulation...). 
Battery usage is a lot easier too with DC, and for the most part anything less than 32VDC is "touch safe." Many people still get shocked and even electrocuted with 120VAC - that's including journeyman electricians with decades in the field.