Demand Reduction

Hybrid Grid announces MicroGridEasy for “Demand-Side Management” of electric energy and power. MicroGridEasy supervises and controls hybrid, renewable energy systems based upon the rules of the building operator or plant manager. It can be tuned to “break the peaks” off of the demand excursions.
The MicroGridEasy(™) app is a preconfigured rapid application development environment for integration and debug of hybrid energy systems. The MicroGridEasy(™) app is built upon Microsoft Windows-based ATEasy(™) software engineering environment. Marvin Test System’s award winning ATEasy(™) software provides the event and test execution sequencer, and provides a system layer that support levels of abstraction between program or app and the individual devices and equipment such as inverters, chargers and power quality monitoring equipment. All of the Demand Breaker source code is available with purchase of the development tool kit which also includes one (1) package of the ATEasy development package. The basic development package also provides one year ( 12 months) of upgrades and revisions subscription and support. Three day training is also available.

This software  has a rules editor and rules executive and sequencer that can read status and send commands to energy storage system modules such as PV plant, battery storage, and building or plant power meters.