Power Block Sources

So what VFD's are good candidates for the Open-Source Power Block.
I would limit it to three major sources - Eaton Cutler-Hammer, Fuji and Yaskawa.
Now other drives can be used and are actually being used by the manufacturer for these applications. An example is Toshiba.
The Eaton and Fuji series is being used in similar applications already (driving a transformer) and the A1000 from Yaskawa.
Both have the ability to be programmed like a PLC at the drive level. This is important because you can then provide voltage regulation - in order to compensate for any loss after the PWM filter you need to use a RMS sensor across two legs and bring back a DC level through an isolation transformer.
The Eaton Cutler-Hammer line also has a Line-Sync kit that actually will support measuring both AC voltage and phase relationship between legs A, B and C.
Fuji has a very similar module available, but it's limited to OEMs and system integrators.
Yaskawa does not have the line-sync module, but there are other ways to track the phase relationship and when it's close do a bumpless transfer from Utility to VFD.
So with that then, what about filtering?